We pride ourselves in selling only top quality Australian sheepskin products, sourced from genuine Australian Ugg Boot manufacturers.

Peninsula Ugg Boots - Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

Peninsula Ugg Boots is the only sheep skin product store of its kind on the Mornington Peninsula and is owned and managed by locals. Our store stocks genuine Australian sheepskin footwear from Australian manufacturers located in Sydney and Melbourne.


Our high quality sheepskin products are suitable in all weathers providing excellent insulation against the cold but also absorbing excessive moisture whilst letting your feet breath. The plush natural fleece on the inside of the boots and slippers moulds to the unique shape of your foot, once you put them on you will feel like you are walking on a cloud.


Pure unadulterated fashion, fashion just the way nature intended. We pride ourselves in selling 100% genuine Merino woollen Australian fashion wear.


Come and upgrade your old Uggies or indulge yourself in the elegance of our new exclusive Fashion sheepskin range.


An investment in 100% sheepskin products is something you can always be proud of and no other substitute will ever do again.

Ugg Boot History and Brand :


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