Tall Outdoor Classic Ugg boots can be rolled down to reveal it’s luxurious fluffy interior, and are great for camping in the Outback or those freezing cold days with icy footpaths.

  • Ugg Boot Approximate Height 35cm
  • Suede covered toe cap for extra protection of the front of the boot outdoors
  • Made in Australia by Ugg Pacific Sheepskin
  • Australian Premium A Grade Sheepskin
  • Removable Innersoles - Genuine sheepskins attached to soft foam for extra comfort
  • Rubber Soles – Non-slip durable Rubber base stitched to the boot
  • Tall Classic Outdoor Ugg Colours Include: Chestnut, Chocolate, Black

Our Outback Ugg boots are a unisex style which is appealing to both men and women and are designed to wear outdoors, around a campsite, or to watch your favourite sporting event. Tall Outdoor Uggs can be worn with Jeans, Leggings, or Track pants. The rubber soles, make them slip resistant and longer lasting, with extra suede over the toes to provide extra reinforcement for support and structure integrity.

Tall Outdoor

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